We take a straightforward approach to soil. One size really does fit all – you simply don’t need the minimal levels of adjustment that you will find in soils for seedlings, trees, vegetables etc. Our topsoil is called multi-purpose because it’s versatile and has been developed to create the ideal growing medium across the range of gardening activities. The only applications which diverge from this rule of thumb are if you are laying turf or planting grass seed  (in which case, order our lawn soil), or if you need soil for wild flowers or planters.  

Unlike smaller operations, we create our soils from scratch using primary aggregates and organic matter. That means we can be sure there are no unpleasant or dangerous substances in the product. Furthermore, all soil is tested to meet the BS3882 and the constituents are scientifically analysed to ensure they meet our demanding specifications. We know exactly what’s in our soil which allows us to make cast-iron guarantees to you.

 All our products are peat free. The organic matter included in our product is all obtained from renewable sources.

We sell our soils by weight. Bulk bags of topsoil and lawn soil weigh approximately 850kg. Our bulk bags of Soil Improver contain approximately 750 litres.


We have a single delivery charge across mainland England of £16 per bulk bag.

Please contact us via our enquiry form on our Contact Page (at the bottom – click on the green button) or send an email to orders@soilformygarden.co.uk

Please look at the Delivery Info Page which provides dimensions of our vehicles. If you have any reservations, Contact Us and, if necessary, we can provide a quote for delivery with a smaller vehicle. 

Deliveries take place during working hours, Monday to Friday. We do not deliver on a Saturday.

No, we are unable to meet specific delivery times.

All deliveries will be made within three working days during working hours from Monday to Friday.

We deliver across mainland England. If you live in Scotland, Wales or the Isle of Wight, get in touch via our ​our Contact Us page and we will confirm delivery costs.

It’s not a problem but please read and confirm our delivery conditions in advance. Our hauliers will endeavor to deliver the soil as long as the pallet can be left safely.

We will contact you to confirm additional charges and arrange another delivery.


Measure the length and width of the area and decide how deep you are placing the soil. Simply put these numbers in our soil calculator (found at the top of our Homepage) and it will tell you how many bags you require.

You will receive an order confirmation once the order/payment has gone through and we will raise an invoice to you once the soil has been delivered, confirming payment has already been received.

No, we can only accept orders via the Internet.


At several stages through the ordering process, you will be asked to confirm details of your order. If it is still incorrect, you should email our Customer Service Team immediately: support@soilformygarden.co.uk

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery describing the reasons why you are not happy with your delivery.