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Our fantastic topsoil range is the ideal solution for all your gardening needs. From refreshing your borders to larger landscaping projects - delivered straight to your door:

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Why choose Soil For My Garden?


Created by the country’s leading lawn and garden soil scientist we pride ourselves on manufacturing a fantastic range of soils.
We analyse and grade all materials before they enter the production cycle which means if the analysis isn’t right, we won’t use it.
All our soils meet BS3882:2015 which is the British standard for soil production. This guarantees the quality of soil. It’s also our seal of approval that your garden or lawn topsoil is completely free from contaminants.

Who's used our soils?

Freeland SOIL for my garden Supplier to Eden Project
Five different soils, 12 months of trials

The Eden Project, Cornwall

The challenge of the Eden Project was to prepare soils that could meet the growing conditions of plants and trees from habitats ranging from the Amazonian jungle to the Australian desert. We prepared five different soils and then embarked on 12 months of trials. With the optimal soils established, we set up a blending plant nearby to produce top soil equivalent to nearly 200,000 bags.

SOIL for my garden London Olympic Park Topsoil Supplier
The design and production of a low-nutrient soil

Olympic Park, London

We didn’t just supply the soil for London’s Olympic Park, we helped create the specification to meet the demands of the vast range of plant species. It included designing and producing a low-nutrient soil to establish wild flowers – something that had never before been undertaken on this scale. The end result was – and is – amazing, growing in what is equivalent to around 300,000 bulk bags of our soil!

We have manufactured three fantastic ranges of soil:

Multi-Purpose Topsoil

Our premium grade topsoil is the perfect partner for growing flowers, planting trees, shrubs or vegetables.  Our bulk bag soil supplies the right nutrients to your plants and has great drainage properties. 

Premium Lawn Topsoil

Always wanted that perfect lawn?

Well Soil For My Garden can help.  Our Grade A lawn soil has been blended to provide the perfect bed for turf and lawn seeds to grow.
Containing slightly more sand than our multi-purpose-soil this helps improve drainage and helps improve the flow of nutrients to keep your grass healthy.

Organic Soil Improver/Compost

Completely peat free, our organic soil improver will help plants grow and flourish, providing the correct nutrients free of contaminates.

It’s easy to forget that the soil you use is just as important as ensuring your plants have enough water. If you’re investing your time and money on plants, don’t put them at risk by using inferior soil. Give them the best possible start with our bulk bagged soil and see for yourself just how easy it is to work with.

Our Organic Soil Improver is PAS100 Certified.